Bicom Optima

The Bicom Optima device is the latest development in bioresonance therapy and diagnostics, and is produced by the German company Regumed. The newest model, the Optima B34 (used by Dr. Habermann), was registered in 2020 under the European Medical Device Regulation as a Class 1 medical device in the European Union.  In the prevention of disease, bioresonance therapy represents a unique holistic, diagnostic and therapeutic entity.

The Bicom bioresonance method is a special diagnostic and therapy procedure that is based on the fact that physiological processes in the body are not regulated only by chemical processes, but also by electromagnetic impulses. The organs, tissues and specific areas (reflex zones) in the organism are characterized by certain patterns of frequency. Deviations of disruptions in energetic patterns may identify current or future organ or system dysfunction.

The mode of functioning of bioresonance is in close relation with meridians (pathways or channels where energy flows). When vital energy has free flow through the acupuncture meridian, the body is in the condition of balance, which is called homeostasis. Disturbed flow means the occurrence of energy disruption, disturbed homeostasis, the presence of pathological agents, the presence of pain in tissues and organs, the presence of allergens, toxins, and etc (click here to see the list of holistic elements below).

The Bicom Optima allows us to eliminate bad patterns of the frequency of the biological systems by performing their harmonization and inversion of disharmonious patterns. The bioresonance implies that a person is included in the system or circuit of a device, via an input cathode and the modulated (output) electrode on the back.

In the standard procedure with the Bicom device, blockages and interference in the client’s body, and organ dysfunction and stress level, are identified and measured to formulate an effective and targeted therapy protocol to eliminate dysfunction. By removing blockages, the organism is prepared for the bioresonance treatment according to the indications that cause blockages. The energetic information of tissues and organs is then processed and stimulated – a specific system of operation of this device based on the laws of physics. Therefore, this method is extremely fast and efficient, without uneccessary exploration or additional analyses. In this way, the organism is restored to a balance that meets the client’s needs for optimal functioning. Bioresonance is beneficial to biological systems and, above all, it stimulates and activates natural mechanisms of immune defense, as well as self-regenerative and regenerative mechanisms.

The device, therefore, found its implementation in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy. Due to the concept on which it is based, it is mostly applied in the holistic medicine worldwide.

Significant results can be achieved in comforting conditions, and without invasive diagnosis.

The Bicom Optima device is successfully used to repair a large number of acute and chronic conditions of the body.

It is intended for people of all ages, from small children to the elderly, thanks to the wide range of possibilities that it has in its system. There are no harmful effects. 

The Bicom bioresonance method is commonly used in the following conditions:


Manage acute or chronic pain by treating the problem source, eliminate harmful pain medications

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Improve breathing capacity, reduce or eliminate asthma attacks by finding and treating the source of allergy

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Identify the source, find the cause, and eliminate the allergen(s) that cause distress and chronic conditions

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The Holistic Elements We Look At

Endocrine System
Bach Flowers
Mental Health
Energetic Level/Balance
Vaccines/Heavy Metals