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The term detoxification is applied loosely when discussions of the human body arise.  Many detoxification programs focus on colon cleansing and other intestinal types of “clearing” – the processes of the Biocom Optima 34 include this and additionally provide a much more targeted and complex detoxification at the cellular level, both at the intercellular and intracellular levels.  Most important to effective treatment is the establishment of functional cellular communication and elimination pathways.  After all, what good is it to clean something if you cannot dispose of the waste?  The “cleaning” occurs when the waste from the substances supporting the cells and communication pathways is passed to the appropriate elimination organ, such as the kidney.

Before pathogens can be neutralized or supportive elements introduced into the body during the therapy session, each session must contain a basic therapy complex and an elimination complex.  Following therapy, many patients notice changes in the targeted elimination organs, such as the liver – this is good since it means activation is occurring and the body is beginning its recovery to a balanced and functional state.

Since toxins and pathogens are present in every spectrum of our environment, they can enter our body through many ways and negatively impact certain organs or systems rather than others.  The Bicom Optima 34 can detect pathogens and toxins such as heavy metals, identify what organs or systems are stressed, and identify the source of toxin introduction into the body.  For example, mercury, a heavy metal, can contribute to many unhealthy and serious symptoms.  Therefore, it is important to understand the mechanism of toxification.  Further, the Bicom Optima 34 can identify this modality, for example, as a vaccination additive, environmental toxin, or within the food chemistry (toxin in the food), which all have different systems and organ components associated with the stress.  Finally, an effective elimination pathway can be identified and supported to allow the toxin to be safely purged from the body.  Essentially, the targeted treatment program specific to the patient removes the blockages inhibiting the body to naturally eliminate the toxins and pathogens.

Toxins other than heavy metals, such as viruses, parasites, fungi, and bacteria, can exist in the extracellular environment, e.g., a liver fluke or tapeworm.  The processes of the Bicom Optima 34 are the same – the pathogenic substance is identified by type and location within the body.  Its exact energetic frequency is then inverted back to the patient, producing an unfavorable environment for the parasite resulting in its actions to leave the body.  

Toxins, such as heavy metals, in the body normally accumulate over time and eventually compromise the immune and elimination systems of the body, producing symptoms much after the exposure that slowly develop into a chronic condition.  Symptoms are highly varied and are dependent on the person, toxin, diet, and etc.  Therefore, the Bicom Optima 34 is an important tool to guide other effective detoxification procedures in conjunction with bioresonance therapy.

Importantly, detoxification as a bioresonance therapy is a component of most other therapies, or may be a singularly selected therapy based on diagnostic results or symptomology.  Symptoms, regardless of organic pathogens or inorganic toxins, are often similar – the person feels weak, tired, lethargic, has frequent headaches, skin rashes, aching muscles and joints, and symptoms that have no other explanation.  Contact us to discuss how toxins may be reducing your quality of life.