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Skin Problems

Regardless of a skin condition problem or type, it carries a psychological component that negatively impacts the patient because of its social component, i.e., low self image, reactions from others when they see the skin problem, which many times can prompt depressive episodes, social anxiety, the usage of dangerous medical procedures or pharmaceutical to correct the issue, and even suicidal ideation.  Therefore, effective treatment and remedy of skin conditions is a very important area of practice.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and serves many functions.  It is exposed to radiation, toxins, pathogens, and other harmful substances in the environment.  It serves as an elimination pathway for organs, such as the kidneys, and is an indicator through various reactions that something is not balanced in our body.  These conditions can result from internal or external influences.  For example, internal parasites or allergens may provoke a skin condition, whereas external contact with a substance may provoke a similar response.  Therefore, skin problems are difficult to properly diagnose and treat.

The Bicom Optima 34 has a distinct advantage over other diagnostic methods.  First, it examines the whole body and leads the practitioner to problem areas that may be contributing to the skin problem.  This could include toxins, pathogens, parasites, heavy metals, radiation, and even hormone imbalances.  Using this methodology, the Bicom Optima 34 has been very successful in treatment of neurodermatitis and chronic eczema.  It is a great relief to patients who successfully complete the treatment – they feel confident in their self image and lead a better life.  The Bicom Optima 34 can safely help you with acute or chronic skin conditions, such as acne, that may have existed since childhood.