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An allergy is when the body reacts to a substance by producing distressing symptoms, such as rashes, diarrhea, swelling, congestion, inflammation, headache, and countless more symptoms.  Acute reactions can occur almost immediately and can become chronic conditions when untreated.  Allergens exist in every environment, e.g., foods, food additives, chemicals, pollen, venom, dust, parasites, and other environmental substances, many of which are not harmful to other people.  As our immune systems becomes compromised from cumulative overload we become more susceptible to new allergies.  Likewise, when an allergy is eliminated it is often replaced with a new one.  This is frustrating for the patient.  Conventional allergy testing is very expensive and time consuming – the Bicom Optima 34 has a superior solution to end the allergy.

Diagnostic routines of the Bicom Optima 34 are designed to identify the stressed organ or system, the allergen, the priority of allergens, and how they create an allergic reaction.  Most allergies stem from wheat, dairy, Candida fungi, and parasite toxins.  After the primary toxin(s) have been eliminated and the allergy is no longer present, the immune system has enough capacity to overcome the smaller allergies.  This recovery process is evident from the allergic  reaction symptoms no longer being present.  The Bicom Optima 34 is superior in treatment because it illuminates the cause of the allergy.  For example, conventional allergy testing may indicate an allergy to rabbit, but in reality the allergic cause is a food preservative found in the particular food the patient is eating.  Furthermore, the patient can bring items from home or work and have them tested as possible allergens.  This contextual approach greatly improves diagnostic and treatment ability.  The Bicom Optima 34 can find and eliminate your allergy, allowing you to enjoy something that in the past was a problem.