Integrative Mental Health

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Aspects of mental health are interrelated with all other categories of the holistic elements – symptomology in either physical or mental health can be isolated to one, such as a broken bone is associated with the physical element, but most often symptoms are caused by or are a response to disturbances in the other element.  In other cases, such as certain neurological disorders, a genetic component may predispose or influence symptoms, while internal and external stressors to the body may further exacerbate the patient’s well-being and ability to function to their potential.  A good example of this is Autism and its spectrum disorders.  Specialized treatments with the Bicom Optima have demonstrated a functionality increase of 60% in children.  Often, this marked approval allows the children to attend mainstream school, socialize with peers, and lead a more productive life.  Another good example common to many women is depression, body self-image, and relational stress from no apparent mental health causes.  Diagnostic processes aided by the Bicom Optima have found physiological conditions, such as PCOS and other hormonal imbalances, that are responsible for the emotional/psychological imbalance.  Bioresonance treatments have demonstrated effective treatment by removing the blockages within the body that hinders its self repair.  The mental health concerns resolve themselves once the body is balanced.  The holistic aspect is a powerful tool in diagnosing and treating the human body as a whole organism.

What is Integrative Mental Health

As an experienced mental health practitioner and Bicom Bioresonance Therapy specialist, Dr. Habermann assesses and treats patients with a holistic and integrative approach, respectively, that is safe, gentle, and harmonizing with the body, i.e., without pharmaceutical agents.  The integrative approach involves three or a combination thereof interventions that aim to alleviate mental health concerns: 1) Bicom Bioresonance Therapy; 2) Bach flower remedies; and 3) Evidence-based mental health practice types, such as counseling, family therapy, or existential therapy.  Dr. Habermann has found high efficacy in this integrative approach due to its ability to positively impact the other human dimensions, such as spiritual or emotional, to promote natural healing and to restore a balanced self.

The most difficult and important task of this approach is to holistically diagnose the chief complaint in order to formulate a specialized and effective treatment plan.  For example, both anxiety and depression can manifest in a range of different emotional and physical symptoms that vary from person to person – some individuals can live functionally, whereas others become dysfunctional, unable to cope.  Because Dr. Habermann does not use a pharmaceutical or “nuclear type” approach to a problem that often result in undesirable side effects such as overtreatment, he and the patient together are able to develop and select solutions that best match the patient’s goals.  The Bicom Optima has many inbuilt programs, such as depression, hyperactivity, and anxiety, that provide supportive therapy to help the patient overcome the condition and stabilize.  Coupled with the Bicom Optima, the frequencies of Bach flower essences (see below for more description) can be administered directly to the patient and can also be infused into water or a Bicom Chip for home therapy.  Either or both of these interventions complemented by a personal discussion with Dr. Habermann in a clinical format provide a robust and unique treatment protocol found nowhere else in the region.

Understanding Bach Flower Remedies and Personalized Recipes

Have you ever wondered why you feel so good when you walk through a walled garden full of flowers on a sunny day? Dr Edward Bach had superior sensory capabilities, he determined that plants in nature can definitely have an effect on our emotional states.

It’s understood that all living things have their own electromagnetic frequency. Bach observed the energies from various plants can take away emotional pains which over the years damage our fitness and impair our ability to heal. He ended up growing 38 Bach (stated Batch) Flower Remedies, with every treatment being related to a simple human emotion. Apart from a few controlled prospective trials, his research has not been fully tested at a clinical level his essences have benefited many people for over 100 years and remain the first choice for many to help their bad feelings which include fear, worry, loneliness or indecision. As a result, the Bach Flower Remedies thru everyday use permit peace and happiness.

One of the fantastic things about the Bach Flower therapy from Bioresonance BG is they are totally safe and natural and so they work in harmony with nutrition, herbs, medications and they are great for children, pregnant women, and the elderly.  The Bicom Optima, Bicom Body Check, or a questionnaire can be used to determine the Bach flower recipe that your body best responds to, promoting natural healing.