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Pain itself and the side effects associated with medications to suppress the pain symptoms are the leading cause of disability and poor quality of life.  Pain can be acute or chronic, occurring anywhere in the body.  Pain can also be psychosomatic or of idiopathic origin.  Unfortunately in the current medical environment, the source of pain is not uncovered and is instead masked with often addictive pain medications that have undesirable side effects.

The source of pain, especially in chronic type conditions, are difficult to discover.  Newer pain diagnoses, such as Fibromyalgia have been linked to viruses, such as Epstein-Barr.  The Bicom Optima 34 diagnostic methods uncover energetic disturbances and blockages within the whole body to provide a holistic portrait that indicates the stressed areas and the stressors.  The elimination of viruses, like the above-mentioned, by the Bicom Optima 34 have produced positive results in the reduction of pain intensity and flareup frequency.  Understanding the source and reason for pain can provide psychological benefit, a further tool to help the body recover faster.

Often, the side effects of medicines create more debilitating problems than the condition itself.  The Bicom Optima 34 has another feature that may provide relief to patients who must use medicines, including painkillers, by removing the harmful components of the medicine itself.  The patient must bring their medicine to the appointment to discover its properties in relation to their body.