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Smoking Cessation

Since the invention of the Bicom almost 60-years ago in Germany, technology advancements have further empowered the diagnostic and therapeutic abilities of the Bicom Optima.  It has been found to be a highly effective tool for chronic and acute conditions, psychological issues, detoxification, and addictions.  The principle to quit smoking is the same.  Specific nicotine addiction treatment was developed in Poland over ten years ago and enjoys a success rate of more than 70% after only one session.

How does it work you may ask.  The desire to smoke is associated with two separate components, chemical addiction and behavior, of which may exist separately or in combination.  The principle of the Bicom treatment mechanism works with the chemical aspect of addiction.  For instance, some people smoke from nervous habit while some smoke because of a perceived need by the brain.  If you only have a behavior element associated with smoking, i.e., you could quit if the stress was removed, it would be better to discuss with us other therapies, such as mental health interventions.  If you have a chemical addiction to nicotine, there is a good change that our treatment will end the addiction quickly, like it has with thousands of other Bicom patients.  The Bicom Optima 34 uses the specific energetic frequencies of the tobacco products you bring to the appointment, inverts the energy signal and returns it to your body.  Importantly, the therapeutic process prepares your body to allow proper cellular communication and to establish effective elimination pathways of the toxins associated with the tobacco product, effectively ending the chemical addiction and reinforcement cycle.

Most people committed to stop smoking only need one therapy session, but the price includes two additional support therapies if required.