Bicom bioresonance technology


How it Works

Diagnostic routines and treatments using the Bicom Optima 34 medical device are gentle and non-invasive, allowing its application to all patients.  The operational concept of bioresonance therapy is not to cure the illness of disease directly but rather to assist the body to achieve a balanced regulatory system so that it can overcome toxins, pathogens, and a multitude of other substances without becoming compromised, symptomatic, and dysfunctional.  Bioresonance therapy has been used on patients for 50-years, and has helped thousands of people live happier and more productive lives.  Since its inception, the Bicom device has been modernized by the addition of computer technology, simplifying the processes and increasing efficiency to provide the patient with the best possible results.  It is important to know that the Bicom, by Regumed of Germany, is the direct descendant of the original device and its coined name, bioresonance.  Since then, many competitors have used the term bioresonance to describe their device.  These devices rely on electrodermal conductance values (voltage through the skin) and an online database, and most importantly are not registered medical devices.  The Bicom family of medical devices do not rely on online databases or electrodermal conductance – electromagnetic waves between the device and patient transmit the energetic frequencies.

You may ask, “How can the Bicom Optima 34 do this?”  Quantum mechanics and cellular communication are the key concepts behind the effectiveness of the Bicom device – all particles of matter have unique wave and particle characteristics, or more simply, signatures.  The main task of the Bicom device is to identify the numerous frequency signatures from the body, modify them according to the treatment, and return them to the body.   Six therapy types (frequency modulations) are used: 1) same frequency patterns returned in either attenuated or amplified form, 2) frequency returned to the patient in an inverted form, 3) physiological elements of the body returned while the pathological elements are returned in inverted form, 4) physiological elements returned either amplified or attenuated, 5) pathological elements inverted and returned in either amplified or attenuated form, 6) frequency patterns alternated between attenuation and provocation to unblock reactions and to overcome residual toxins.  As you can see, the Bicom Optima 34 is a sophisticated medical device that requires professional and comprehensive training.

New patients ask, “How do I prepare for my therapy session, what should I expect?”  It is important to not drink alcohol or coffee on the day of treatment, making sure that the body is fully hydrated with clean, preferably mineral free water.  This will enhance cellular communication and elimination ability.  Most patients experience relaxation during the therapy session.  Depending on which elimination organ was targeted during the detoxification portion of the therapy, some discomfort may be felt, especially in the kidneys or the liver.  This is a good indicator that changes inside the body have begun.  Some patients report immediate relief from their symptoms, whereas others may need 3 sessions to begin realizing the relief.  Previous therapeutic routines are always tested for effectiveness during the subsequent appointment.  This ensures that the body receives only beneficial therapy.  The number of therapy sessions is determined by the patient based on how he or she feels.  Everyone has different recovery level expectations.