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Remote Blood Analysis

Enjoy the same services Bioresonance BG has to offer without leaving your home – a good option for those who cannot travel or is logistically difficult.  Two small drops of blood are analyzed by the Bicom Optima 34 utilizing the same testing routine in the office.  Our therapist will contact you about the results, and together will formulate a treatment plan using the Bicom Chip.  The Bicom Chip is a special magnetic device that records the personal therapy session based on your blood sample.  The energetic frequencies provide a continuous therapy of both elimination and supportive treatment programs.  The Bicom Chip is worn directly on the skin below the navel. and retains the frequency patterns for three weeks.

The price for this service includes the remote blood analysis, personal consultation with a therapist, remote therapy session, Bicom Chip, blood collection kit delivered to your door, prepaid blood sample return envelope, and delivery of the Bicom Chip containing the therapy session.  This service is currently available throughout Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece.