Bicom Chip

The Bicom Chip is a wearable device that provides or extends therapy by transmitting stored frequency information derived from the Bicom Optima 34 therapy session.  The exact output frequency information is recorded onto the Bicom Chip and is then given to the patient either in person or by courier.  Since therapy sessions are typically one week apart a Bicom Chip is not required during the interim.  The Bicom Chip can extend therapy for up to three weeks if the patient cannot attend weekly therapy.  The Bicom Chip is also used for our remote blood analysis and therapy service.  A complete diagnostic and therapy session is conducted with two samples of the patient’s blood with our easy to use collection kit sent to your location.  The therapy session is recorded onto the Bicom Chip and sent to the patient.  Each Bicom Chip produced by our specialists is unique and contains information specifically to the patient.The Bicom Chip is a magnetic device and should not be exposed to magnetism.  It is applied 250 mm below the navel using its self adhesive backing.  It is safe to use in the shower.  Please contact us if you have an irritation from wearing it.