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Integrative Mental Health Therapy Session


Mental health has become an increasing concern for many, especially since Covid19. We will test to see which Bach flowers and minerals you resonate with and use these for your therapy session. Reson8 clients have benefitted from our services for over 10 years and now this new addition has fulfilled a much-requested service. The session is 60 minutes which includes the test and the therapy, a report will be provided to help you decide which products may help you to continue on your road to mental wellbeing.

What is included?

A personal 60-minute session with Dr. Habermann. A full test is conducted on the Bicom where we use the full Bach Flower range, Gemstones, Colours and Chakra to test which you are responding well to, then we use these for your therapy session. You can request specific tests like hormones or similar. How the remote therapy works

Following an initial consultation which will include a questionnaire to provide a baseline for your mental health, your blood is placed into the Bicom Optima where further testing is conducted. This additional test along with the original ones are used to form the basis of the 60-minute therapy session. The general protocol is

Basic therapy: This covers all frequency ranges and is based on your current conductance value, this is the rate of your cellular communication. Corrective frequencies are sent to the Bicom chip.
Blocks: Deep blockages, scar and geopathic strains are treated and frequencies stored on the chip.
Minerals, Bach Flower, Colour and Chakra therapy
Fortifying: Beneficial frequencies you responded to are sent to the chip

The chip lasts for 2 weeks where we suggest you order a new 60-minute session so we can retest and run a new session based on the new results.