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Smoking Cessation Package

What is included

A personal 70 minute session with Dr. Habermann. This quit smoking therapy session has helped many of our clients successfully stop smoking. Therapy is extended after the session for 3-4 weeks using the Bicom Chip. This attaches to the skin and continually delivers an inverted frequency of your branded cigarette. This removes the craving in over 90% of patients. The price includes 2 additional free sessions if you relapse during the 3-4 week period.

How the therapy works

Dr. Habermann will ask you a few basic questions and discuss your addiction during the session. The Bicom Optima is a registered medical device that will be used to help your body detox – a number of programs will be run for 30 minutes before the 15-minute inversion. You will be given a Bicom Chip to extend the benefits of the therapy for 3-4 weeks.  You will also be given some helpful tips and ways to change habits.