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Bicom Clinical Therapy Session

How the clinical therapy works

The initial consultation includes review of the pre-treatment questionnaire, targeted testing of stressors (see below), treatment plan development, and a 60 minute therapy session.  Diagnostic and therapy routines are conducted with the Bicom Optima by Regumed, the very latest in German bioresonance technology.  Patient records, treatment plan, therapy parameters/results, and Optima operations are controlled by the latest technology, Pilot software by Regumed.

Following the initial consultation, which may have included a Bicom Body Check scan, you are connected to the Bicom Optima where further testing is conducted to validate individual therapy programs that form the basis of the 60 minute therapy session.  The general protocol is as follows:

  1. Basic therapy: (20 min) All frequency ranges based on your current conductance value, i.e., the current rate of your cellular communication.
  2. Blocks: (18 min) Deep blockages, scar and geopathic strains are treated to restore energetic pathways to ensure proper cellular communication.
  3. General Detoxification: (15 min) Lymph system, liver and kidneys are assessed and corrective frequencies are administered to induce and restore waste elimination at the cellular level.
  4. Pathogen inversion: (10 min) Specific stressors, e.g., pathogens, metals, pollutants, and radiation, are eliminated through frequency inversion.
  5. Fortifying: (10 min) Beneficial frequencies you responded to are amplified through direct frequency administration.
Note: Blocks (step 2) is only administered during the first therapy session.  Step 1 and 3 are mandatory for each session.  Steps 4 and 5 may differ due to specific or symptomatic therapy protocols.  Optionally, a Bicom Chip can be recorded during the therapy session to extend therapy for several weeks if you are not able to attend a scheduled weekly session.

Weekly follow-up therapies are scheduled according to the treatment plan and are guided by weekly testing of the prior therapeutic interventions.  This ensures that the patient receives treatment that is beneficial to the body and remains effective in the alleviation of stress in the body.  As these stresses are removed you will begin to feel better within several weeks.  The severity of the condition, length of a chronic condition, and immune condition are factors that determine the length of treatment.  In addition, the positive confirmation of a main allergen (wheat, dairy, or candida) should be treated as a primary concern.

Below are the categories of the holistic elements we test that may singularly or in combination contribute to stress in the body.  Click on a category to view the components and learn more about each item.

Endocrine System
Bach Flowers
Energetic Balance
Mental Health
Vaccines/Heavy Metals